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Here at Tiny Triumphs we have a rotating menu of Beer, Wine, Spirits and Sodas that change constantly. 

We try to have a range of permanent staples alongside an array of new releases and fresh products for you to enjoy.

Permanent Range

Beer On Tap


  • BEER

A refreshing Lager from Garage Project using Pilsner Malt, Saaz Hops and Czech Yeast

  • Pale Ale

One of the most popular NZ Pale Ales around from Sawmill up in Matakana. This is an easy drinking, slightly malty and incredible smooth beer with a splash of citrus.

  • Hazy Tap

Our middle tap is usually reserved for one of the many Hazy IPA's or Pale Ales we rotate between from a range or local breweries. Quite often this is where you will see any monthly releases, special edition beers and Fresh Hop craft beers during that special month.

  • IPA

Our final tap is used to house our bigger, bolder and more alcoholic beers, normally in the form of an IPA.


Black Cottage - Marlborough, NZL 


Black Cottage - Marlborough, NZL 

Match Book - California, USA 


Two Rivers - Marlborough, NZL


Two Rivers Isle of Beauty - Marlborough, NZL

Man O’ War Pinque 2022 - Waiheki, NZL 


Brilla! Prosecco 200ml - Fossalta Di Piave, ITA 

Verve Cliquot Brut 750mls - Champagne, FRA 


Johnny Q Shiraz  - Quarisa, AUS


Black Cottage Reserve - Central Otago, NZL


Matawhero  Single Vinyard - Gisborne - NZL 

Non - Alcoholic

Coke, Sprite, Schweppes Ginger Ale, Tonic and Soda

Karma Range:

Cola, Lemmy Lemonade and Gingerella

East Imperial Tonics



Orange, Apple, Pineapple and Cranberry


We offer snacks in the form of Peanuts and Crisps from Proper Crisps company .

You can also order burgers from our friends across the street at Harry's Punk Burgers!

Click here to see their menu

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